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Our Breeze Vegan Lashes are made of synthetic fibers and can be worn up to 25 times, making them a great option for women who want lashes that last. An all-natural alternative to mink lashes, these beauties provide a soft, wispy, natural glam look. 


Lash Care

1. Remove the lashes from the tray, by gently pulling them at the corners.
2. Once removed, ensure you size your lashes by cutting off excess ends, or trimming them to your liking.
3.Once properly sized, apply your lash glue of choice and allow 30 seconds for glue to get tacky.
4.After waiting, use your fingers or tweezers to place eyelash in middle of upper lash line.
5.Place each corner starting from the end corner of the eyelash, then connect the inner corner of the eyelash.
6.After application, ensure lashes are secured. You can add liner to the upper lash line to hide band if desired.
7. To remove, use a makeup wipe of your choice to sit on upper lash line for 30 seconds, then gently rub until the lash becomes loose. Once loose, gently pull the lash from upper lash line.
8.Lashes can be reused up to 25 times, if properly cared for.

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